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Approach.jpgThe Encite Approach

From inception, Encite's vision has been to create software solutions that's designed and developed from the medical professional's point of view...not the software developer's.

That's why we chose to bypass the use of the templates which is a standard component of other medical software developers' applications. While from a programming perspective it would have been easier and resulted in a quicker delivery to the market, we rejected the template approach because it builds rigidity that our research within the medical community indicated wasn't wanted.

Encite’s software solution approach is based on an intuitive graphic interface that makes creating charts and managing patient data quick, easy and efficient both within the medical practice or mobile environments.  Critical information that may just save a patient's life.  

Unfortunately, many medical professionals fail to receive full compensation for services rendered because they lack the feature-rich technology that enables them to correctly document visits, efficiently enter charges and manage their medical practices effectively.

Encite solves those problems with our software suite consisting of Electronic Health Records (EHR) designed to think the way you do and Practice Management (PM) system.   With the help of medical professionals like you, it's been designed to provide quick, easy, template-free patient encounter documentation that supports and compliments your workflow and preferences.  An EHR that intuitively follows the thought process of the medical professional in real time to think and work the way you do.

Encite’s unique software solutions not only help reduce the pressure exerted on physicians in their professional life but can provide the means for a better quality of life.


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