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Academic Dermatology of Nevada
Henderson, NV

"Upon comparing Encite to other EHR systems, it was obvious that Encite was the best choice for my practice.   I would describe the system as intuitive.  It has made patient charting a breeze along with improving our workflow. My overall experience with Encite EHR has been excellent." 
Curt Samlaska, M.D

Dermatology & Cutaneous Surgery, P.L.L.C.
Arlington, TX

“Our office has been using the Encite EHR since making the switch from paper charting.  I spent countless hours researching, interviewing and testing multiple different EHR systems as well as the companies themselves and their staff.  I felt that it was not only important to have a good product, in terms of the EHR itself, but to have an excellent support staff and strong company as well.  Switching from paper charting is never easy, but I feel that the transition was relatively simple and we have never had any issues with the software itself.  My favorite thing about the Encite system is how adaptable it is to my personal preferences.  I do not have to go through a big complicated process to change most things at my discretion.  I really enjoy being able to change words, colors or templates at a moment’s notice.  I would not change to another EHR if I could and certainly would never go back to paper!”
Dr. Victoria W. Serralta, M.D., F.A.A.D.

David Grice, D.O., P.A.
Grand Prairie, TX

"I wanted to find a dermatology-specific EMR to help make that transition from paper charts.  My biggest concerns were cost and efficiency of the software.  Encite has provided me a very cost effective EMR and Practice Management System for my dermatology practice.  I have been using the system for 6 months and was back to my normal patient volume after only 2-3 weeks use.  They also assisted my office in applying for government reimbursement and I have already received my $18,000.00 from CMS for this year!"
David Grice, D.O., FAOCD

Skye Center for Dermatology
Jupiter, FL

“Our practice has been using Encite EHR since early 2010. The transition to paperless was smooth and we have been very happy with the system. The following year we added the practice management software. The management software is very efficient, easy to use and works well with the EHR software. We use Encite Revenue Cycle management service for billing. The billing service is excellent!”
Shauna Kranendonk, M.D.

North Georgia Dermatology, P.C.
Lawrenceville, GA

"Incorporating EHR into one's practice is never easy.  However, after a thorough evaluation of various software options we chose Encite as the system with the best platform for practice efficiency and growth.  Unlike template based systems which can be less flexible to customize, Encite EHR allows for easy customization resulting in process efficiencies and improved overall quality of documentation.  Our decision in 2010 to choose Encite was right for our practice."
Cynthia A. Dolan, M. D.

Dr. Steven D. Pedro, M.D.
Fort Worth, TX

“We implemented Encite EHR July 2011.  The learning curve was manageable for the entire staff as their software is very user friendly.  We continue to find useful components of the software as we continue to grow into this system.  We use both the Practice Management (PM) and the Electronic Health Record (EHR) database.  We are able to manage patient scheduling, billing, account receivable management, clearing house tracking for our filed claims, ERA’s easily, just to mention a few of the PM benefits.  My EHR interfaces quite nicely with the PM also.  The EHR documentation enables me to make a more precise record of my interface with each patient.  Encite continues to support us with our infrequent problems and updates.  I recommend their software and company confidently.”
Steven D. Pedro, M.D.

Dermatology & Cutaneous Surgery, P.L.L.C.
Arlington, TX

“I want to take a minute to thank the Encite Staff for all the support regarding the implementation of our Encite PM & EHR.  Not only was Encite able to capture what the doctor was envisioning for our EHR, but the staff was an invaluable help in resolving our transition issues from paper to electronic.  Moreover, Encite was instrumental in helping our medical staff lose the fear of giving up paper charts and embracing the software and all of its benefits.  I can honestly say that within two to three weeks of PM and EHR training, our staff gave up their paper dependency.  They were in love with their iPads and excited about charting electronically.  The Encite staff’s knowledge, patience and dependability made it possible to transition over to EHR with very few issues and as a result, we are now able to see more patients than we were when we were utilizing traditional paper charts.  Thank you all again and I look forward to a long relationship with your company.”
Fabian Serralta, Practice Manager